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Do Girls Like Bad Boys?Have you every wondered just what it is that girls really want a guy? Does it seem to you that the girls you desire login are always going after guys that are complete jerks. The reason it seems this way is simple.

There is something special hidden in that “bad boy” exterior that women uncontrollably desire, and it might not be what you think….

The first thing to AdultFrinendFinder know is that, at least for most girls, it is not the “bad boy” spirit itself. Unless they are young girls AdultFriendrFinder trying to piss off “daddy,” most girls have no desire to go with a guy simply because is a “bad boy” a “jerk” or an “asshole”. Though they may AdultFrienedFinder login consciously desire a “nice guy” like you, a women subconscious, “lizard brain” is looking for something different.

When it comes to attraction and the tug-of-war reviews between the conscious and unconscious the subconscious will win every single time.

Fortunately you can learn how to become attractive to AdultFrienedFinder women by displaying bad boy personality traits WITHOUT becoming a complete jerk. In this article you’ll learn what qualities they display and how to apply them to your own life.

Bad Boys Are Confident- The most attractive quality of the jerk is his confidence. All you have to do is display this attitude and women will flock to you.

Obviously you won’t become confident simply because I tell you to. The best way to develop this quality is to work on your “inner game.” Simply put, you have to address those self-esteem issues that are preventing you from having confidence around women.

Bad Boys Take Charge- Assholes don’t seek approval from women. Instead they’re not afraid to take charge of a social situation and let people know what they want.

You can develop this attitude without becoming an asshole. I recommend you work on your leadership qualities. Don’t look to women to tell you what to do. Instead take the initiative to figure out what to do on a date. Trust me…a little bit of leadership can go a long way with girls.

Bad Boys are Adventurous- Girls like these guys because they promise a bit of adventure and excitement. Women are brought up with the romantic ideal of the perfect guy. But they’re also influenced by the bad boy rocker who lives a thrilling life.

You can be more adventurous by doing more interesting things in your life. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to hop on Harley and start bar fights. Instead it simply means you travel a bit, know interesting people, and have something stimulating to say.

My rule of thumb is to one NEW thing each week. That’ll bring you one step closer to developing a stimulating personality women love.

Bad Boys are Fun- Dating isn’t supposed to like a boring, stuffy job login interview you hate. Instead is about having fun and getting to know another person. Unfortunately most guys fail to bring out the excitement in their dealings with women.

You can become more attractive to girls by cultivating the fun, humorous personality that naturally draws in females. Don’t be afraid to cut loose like you would with your friends. The more *real* and fun you act; the more a girl is going to like you.

Bad Boys Amplify Sexual Attraction- Girls like bad boys because they know how to enhance sexual attraction. This is that feeling of tension they feel around a guy who is a little bit edgy.

Overall, you don’t have to act like a bad boy asshole to get women. All you have to do is enhance the qualities that make them attractive, while eliminating the stuff that repulses them