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Cheap Dates for the Easygoer
If You Want to Just Lay Around

This category can apply to pretty much any girl – everybody likes to kick back and have a good time. Here are ten examples of cheap, laid-back dates.

1) Watch a Movie
One of my personal favorites – super cheap and super easy!

BONUS: Watch some classics! If you know her favorite movie, bring it over by surprise along with a couple of bags of popcorn. She’ll love it.0 points

2) Take a Nap
Okay, seriously now, who doesn’t like to nap? Just lay down together on a couch, bed or whatever and go to sleep.

BONUS: If you wake up first, surprise her with kisses on her neck or bring her a cup of coffee to wake up to.

3) Play a Game
Board games and card games are great ways to bond with one another. Just arrange a day to play games and have at it.

BONUS: Learn a new game together, that perhaps neither of you have ever heard of!

4) Have a Cuddling Match
Challenge her to a cuddling battle and make a specific time and date. Then, cuddle away!

BONUS: It works well if you combine this with “Take a Nap.” Trust me.

5) Cook a Meal Together
Going out to dinner is nice, but cooking together can be great too. If neither are you are any good, that’s okay – it’s all for the experience!

BONUS: Offer to host a family gathering and show off your culinary skills.

6) Clean the House
Okay okay… this one is probably the biggest stretch yet – but hear me out. If you’re living with your significant other, it’s a good guess that she does most of the cleaning (c’mon… we’re pigs). Treat her by offering to help, and do a good job!

BONUS: Do the cleaning yourself and impress her. She’ll suddenly have more free time for you!

7) Do a Puzzle Together
Any puzzle will do – crossword, jigsaw, Sudoku. Anything that you both like can work as a great way to just lay around and spend time together.

BONUS: Make it a daily ritual to sit down and do a puzzle. It will pay off in the long run as it become a part of your routine. No matter how busy you may get in the future, the puzzle will bring you together.

8) Watch Reruns!
Who doesn’t want to watch “Friends” one more time? or “That 70’s Show”? Just relax and watch some classics!

BONUS: Simple but easy: watch her favorite old show. My girlfriend and I watch “I Love Lucy” together and her and I both love it.

9) Be Ridiculous
If you’re comfortable around each other, you can have fun doing basically… nothing! Go to Wal-Mart and ride in a cart. Head to McDonald’s and pay in pennies. Anything goes!

BONUS: Film it!

10) Enjoy a Swim
Swimming can be a good way to just lay back and have fun. If neither of you have a pool. find a public one nearby, or go over a friend’s.

BONUS: Drive out to a nearby lake and just jump in. login
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