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Cheap Dates for the Adventurous
Is She Itching for Excitement?

Here are ten cheap, exciting things you can do together to feel that adrenaline rush! All of the titles in this portion end with an exclamation point to add to the excitement!

1) Go Skydiving!
Potentially one of the more expensive date ideas, but it’s on nearly everyone’s bucket list. Go once and you can cross it off.

BONUS: If you know someone that has and can fly a plane, everything gets much cheaper!

2) Go Skiing!
Skiing is a fun way to get your adrenaline going, but if you haven’t skied before, be careful. It’s dangerous out there.

BONUS: As I mentioned in the outdoorsy section, skiing is generally the precursor to snowboarding. You’ve been warned.

3) Try Surfing!
I’ve never surfed before, because I live too far from anything that makes enough waves, but you can try it together if you feel adventurous!

BONUS: This + walk on the beach + dinner = success.

4) Go to an Exotic Restaurant!
Being adventurous isn’t necessarily all about doing dangerous things. Try calamari for the first time, or head to a Lebanese grill.

BONUS: It’s no fun if you get something you’re comfortable with. Both of you can double down by getting something you can’t even pronounce.

5) Ghost Hunting!
Now this one is a bit strange, but it makes the experience all the better. Bring a video camera and a few still shot cameras as well and hunt for ghosts.

BONUS: Go to a cemetery or a famously haunted place at night and double down on the date!

6) Try Your Hand at Ice Fishing
Normal fishing? Too boring. Ice fishing? There’s some risk there, and it can take a while to set up. Try it out someday with someone that knows what they’re doing.

BONUS: Keep your fish and make it a dinner date.

7) Enjoy Snow Mobiling!
If either of you has a snowmobile, rev it up and take it across the winter landscape.

BONUS: Take just one and have her hold on tight.

8) Practice Your Monkey-ing
When was the last time you climbed a tree? If you’re still nimble enough and there are good climbing trees nearby, try climbing together.

BONUS: Race to the top, or climb a fruit tree and get some healthy snacks in the process.

9) Snorkel!
I went snorkeling in Hawaii a few years ago and it was amazing. It’s cheap and easy to do in any body of water that’s clear enough to see in.

BONUS: If you’re feeling a little bit more inclined to spend money, you can upgrade to scuba diving. Be sure to get proper certification first, though.

10) Become a Skipper!
Sailing on a boat can be hard work, but it can also be rewarding. If you know someone that’s willing to take you out, this works out super easy.

BONUS: Learn some of the basics beforehand and impress her with your sailing skills! login
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